I started organizing community murals after high school. When I dropped out of Yale University in 1997 I went into mural painting full time. I lived in an intentional community and did a lot of anti-war and economic justice activism as well.


I joined the Bread and Puppet Theater in 2001 and stayed with the company until 2005. I got to travel all over the world performing radical puppet shows, and lived and performed in Vermont when we weren’t on tour. I learned to garden, milk the cow, drive the tour bus, conduct rehearsals and workshops, produce and wiggle papier-mâché puppets, speak, sing, dance, as well as play accordion and trombone.

I spent about six months in Vermont in 2006 working for Bernie Sanders’ U.S. Senate campaign as a Regional Field Organizer. Bernie became the first Socialist ever to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

I moved to Providence, RI to finish my Undergraduate Degree at Brown University. In addition to working on small paintings and prints, I continued to create community murals, and I also began working with an amazing group of organizers on the HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands. I did a lot of grant writing and other fundraising for HONK!, and I worked with others to organize a smaller companion festival in Providence called PRONK! I took up the Euphonium and Sousaphone, and with a handful of others founded the Extraordinary Rendition Band in Providence. I graduated from Brown in May of 2009, continued to play with the Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society in Cambridge/ Somerville and an occasional trio called The Salt Wives, and to do a lot of work with HONK! and PRONK!

In 2009 I produced the first mural for a project called HousEART, initiated by Christian Caldarone of the Smith Hill Community Development Corporation in the neighborhood where I was living, that produced high-quality temporary artworks on vacant homes. With Christian’s blessing, I proceeded to raise money and organize more HousEART projects in Providence and around Rhode Island. In two summers I organized the production of 11 murals on blighted homes by ten different artists working with nearly twenty different teenagers who lived near the houses.

I am proud to have worked as a volunteer advocate for a Crisis Helpline for victims of domestic and sexual assault. I was on call a few shifts a week, in case an assault victim was in the emergency room alone, or just needed an advocate. In addition to continuing my work as an artist, I would like to find work in the field of advocacy for assault victims. Gender violence is a deep-rooted and insidious form of oppression and I want to fight it.

I have two nephews!! Ezra and Ariel. I love you guys.

Now I’m living in New Orleans, continuing all of the above and having some fun too. I’ve restored two old houses, I’ve planted gardens, and The Salt Wives are alive in a new form, playing and singing often. Hope to see you soon!

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